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Influencer marketing has emerged in recent years as an effective tool for targeted marketing.

We often see celebrities pitching different brands like lifestyle products, automotive products, hotels, travel and the like, which have a broad, universal need. However, on account of growing competition and multiplicity of products in any segment, differentiation has come into focus. Each brand appeal to an audience with specific demographics and characteristics and its promotion is developed accordingly.

All products and services need not be promoted by celebrities, largely due to cost constraints. Instead, the promotion is done by influencers, who regularly post on different social media and have gradually build up a large number of followers, some in millions. These influencers are categorized according to their domain expertise and following such as auto, travel, fashion, finance, technology, lifestyle and so on.

These influencers mostly publish on social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, and some even write blogs.

We provide the following influencer marketing services –

  • Develop influencer marketing plan :This involves analysis of brand and target audience
  • Identify influencers in appropriate category. (Influencer could be a blogger, vlogger, or maybe active only on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram)
  • Create campaign, identify digital media for distribution
  • Execute campaign along with selected influencer

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