Bombay Juice Bar

Project Brief:

Below is a case study of how we did branding & promoted a newly opened juice bar selling Indian juices and cold desserts in Clayton, Melbourne.


Sweet, delicious, and refreshing. That’s how the taste of its offerings was meant to be defined. A taste that tickled the palette, brightened the senses, and lingered for long. We conceptualized the campaign to be bright, exciting, and linger in the audience’s memory for long.


Bombay Juice Bar is a restaurant, selling Indian juices and cold desserts in Clayton, Melbourne. They have a variety of offerings like cold-press juices, ice creams, faloodas, milkshakes, slush, smoothies etc. A taste of India, if you will, for people in Melbourne. They also offer freshly made paan, a well thought out novelty to create a feeling of nostalgia.
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Step 01

Main Challenges:

  • Melbourne is one of the largest cities in Australia. There are a lot of Indian restaurants, both full service and QSR in each suburb of Melbourne. In fact, in Clayton South where Bombay Juice Bar was being set up, there were already more than 15 Indian restaurants.
  • With a variety of Indian restaurant present in the same suburb, there is bound to be a lot of competition among them to attract regular visitors.
  • Bombay Juice Bar ought to attract a large volume of customers, for its offerings appeal to not just those looking for a cold dessert, but to families and children looking to spend some time together.

Step 02

Marketing Solution and Execution:

  • The Indian diaspora in Australia is obsessed with Bollywood movies and stars. We thus decided to create a campaign with a Bollywood star who could actually travel to the site in Australia. Guess who was selected for the campaign. None other than “Dia Mirza”.
  • In 4 videos (which we produced), Dia Mirza herself talked about the 4 most popular juices. Another video showed Dia Mirza making a paan and talking about her childhood memories of paan made at home.
  • Rather than a celebrity being interviewed, in a unique role reversal, we had the celebrity (Dia Mirza) interview the owners of the restaurant.
  • We created the entire concept & structure of the promotional campaign. We made 6 videos of 60 seconds each. These videos showcased the most popular juices offered by Bombay Juice Bar, along with their health benefits.
  • These videos were posted on our Facebook and Instagram channels.

Step 03

Finally the Result

  • A Bollywood actress opening a restaurant in an overseas location, was an event that generated interest and excitement among Indians all over Australia. In Clayton, Melbourne it created a lot of buzz.
  • The videos posted on Facebook and Instagram also received massive response. There were more than 100K views on Instagram alone.
  • The number of customers to the restaurant rose dramatically within 3 months of the marketing campaign.
  • The owners of the restaurant were extremely satisfied with the way the campaign was conceptualized and executed.

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